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Rainbow Pasta - Filler

Mess It Up Kids

Regular price R 65.00

Bring some color and excitement to your sensory play with Rainbow Pasta! This vibrant colored pasta is perfect for sensory bins, making a fun noise when poured and promoting fine motor development. The bright colors and texture of the pasta provide a visually stimulating experience and can have calming benefits for kids.

In addition to sensory play, Rainbow Pasta can also be used in arts and crafts, adding a fun and unique element to your projects. To extend the fun, add kitchen gadgets, scoopers, and toys to your sensory bin for even more imaginative play. Pasta threading is another fun activity that can be done with Rainbow Pasta, promoting hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Please note that this product is messy and is intended for sensory play only. It is not intended for consumption. Get ready for hours of imaginative and educational play with Rainbow Pasta.