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Fine Motor Water Beads Kit

Mess It Up Kids

Regular price R 250.00

A container consisting of :

  • Hydrated water beads
  • Handy Scooper
  • Sieve
  • Small Cups
  • Spoons

This kit comes with water beads, a handy scooper, a strainer, spoons and some tot glasses. Let you little one use the fine motor tools to make some lemonade.. or mocktails.. or let their imagination take over

Kids of all ages love the feeling and look of them. They are so enticing! Colourful, smooth, squishy, cool. Really there is not much more that you need to do with water beads than have a container full of them to plunge your hands into and hold and squish them. Water beads are also soothing to touch and look at. Playing with them can help calm an upset child or soothe a high strung one. It is also a relaxing way to start or end the day!

Recommended Age - 2 years upwards