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Coloured Rice - Filler

Mess It Up Kids

Regular price R 55.00

Introducing the Coloured Rice Sensory filler, the perfect addition to your child's playroom! This colored rice is perfect for sensory play and will provide a visually stimulating experience for your little one. The vibrant rice is a great filler for your sensory bin and will add a pop of color to any activity.

Not only is it visually appealing, but the rice also makes a fun noise when poured and is great for fine motor development. Sensory play has been known to have calming benefits, making this set perfect for relaxation and stress relief.

The colored rice set comes with approximately 900g of single-color rice, giving your child plenty of material to play with. To further extend the fun, add kitchen gadgets, scoopers, and toys to your little one's sensory bin. This set does not come with accessories, but it is versatile enough to be used in arts and crafts projects as well.

Get ready for hours of imaginative play and fun with the Coloured Rice Sensory filler!