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Mess It Up Kids

Sale price R 800.00 Regular price R 950.00

This product combo is designed to provide children with a fun and engaging sensory play experience. The mini sensory table is made of solid pine wood and is waterproof, making it durable and easy to clean. The combo includes various messy play fillers such as Chocolate Cloud Dough, Rainbow Rice, and Rainbow Pasta to enhance the play experience.

The dimensions of the mini sensory table are 52cm in length and 40cm in width, with two height options available - 35cm for children up to 3 years old and 50cm for children 3 years and above. This allows for a comfortable and customizable play experience for children of different ages.

With this product combo, children can engage in sensory play and explore various textures and colors, while also developing their fine motor skills and creativity. Let your little one's imagination run wild with this fun and educational toy.

This combo includes the following:

  • Wooden Stand & Plastic Tray
  • Chocolate Cloud Dough
  • Rainbow Rice
  • Rainbow Pasta
  • Accessories

Let your little one’s imagination go to town with this combo.


Length 52cm Width 40cm

Two different heights available -

35cm for up to 3 years old.
50cm for 3 years and above.